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"Remind Me"

Poetry is one of those genres I've never written much of, but I love it. It has a way of connecting with your emotions that no other form seems to possess. Maybe it's the rhythm, or perhaps it's all the literary uses of alliteration, similes, and rhyme patterns - I don't know. Regardless, a well-written poem is a beautiful piece of literary art.

Like I said, I've fiddled around with poetry, but it's not my strong suit. I'm not great at getting all the rhymes and meters straight, and I am horrible at being concise (if you've read my earlier blog posts, you could attest to this). Every once in a while, though, the beginnings of a poem forms in my head, and as I scramble to keep the ideas before it quickly disappears, I occasionally come up with a small piece of decent art.

Remind Me is a poem written to myself. It's the thoughts and truths that seem so obvious in the good times, but the reminders I so desperately need when I can't see through the difficulties. 

I hope this humble poem of mine might be able to encourage even just one other soul to keep their perspective not on how we feel about various situations as we endure through them, but on what we know is true about God and His Word regardless of the trials.

Remind Me

When my emotions fall apart
And I'm believing all the lies;
When I feel like giving up
And too tired to keep on trying;
When depression begins to cloud my soul -
Lord, remind me!

When I feel as though I am 
A failure,
A hopeless, depressed mess;
When I feel as though I am
Much more pain and trouble than it's worth;
When I feel as though alone and unloved -
Lord, remind me!

Remind me of Your Son
Who died for me, so that I might be
Free from sin and despair
And dwell with you for eternity.

Remind me that my sin
Will never separate me from Your love:
You chose me, loved me, saved me -
For Your glory, You made me Your own.

Remind me that my anxiety is
So often my lack of trust in You,
And that my depression often stems
In my heart of discontentment.

Lord, change me! Help me to see
The lies that I believe:
Help me to understand that
My sin does not define me,
For my identity rests in You -
Lord, remind me!

Lord, in You alone I find my hope -
Nothing else will ever satisfy.
Grant me the desire and the strength
To daily give myself to You,
And when I lose focus of reason and purpose -
Lord, remind me!

~ Mandie Pitre, 2017


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