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How's Your Perspective?

Monday marks the one year anniversary of my first day in the fast-food industry.

It's been a long year.

I wasn't suppose to be here. According to my plans, leaving the construction industry and entering fast-food services wasn't an option. Being hindered in slight but significant ways physically frustrated me greatly. Circumstances that evolved around me in which I could do hardly anything or absolutely nothing about drained me incessantly as I continually dwelt on them.

This was not the life I wanted. 

So often, life doesn't roll the way we wish it would. We want the small, peaceful waves of life that gently meander to shore, playfully nipping at the tips of our toes; instead, we find ourselves invaded by multitudes of massive storms - including the occasional tsunami.

As I look back over the past year, I struggle to understand why there seemed to be so many crashing floods. So many plans that never turned out as I wished. So many challenges and frustrating decisions. So many nights crying as I wondered what God was doing and why I had to go through it all.

Those are my initial thoughts and memories of the past year.

But then I stop and think a moment longer. I think about the major life-changes that happened over the past 12 months. A new job. A new home. New life in Christ, and a realization of my responsibility to God as a Christian. Learning so many lessons about contentment and trust and kindness and courage.

This past year was hard, but it was for good. God used those massive storms and tsunamis in my life to bring me closer to Him. I am learning all the time just how dependent I am on God for everything.

God is teaching me to rest in what I know is true, and not on how I temporarily feel. I am realizing how significant and critical it is to choose contentment and gratitude, regardless of which way the wind blows. Because, the profound truth is this: the wind blows where God commands it to. Everything in life happens for good and God's glory. It may be hard to understand and see God's sovereign hand working throughout the circumstances and situations in life's difficulties, but whether or not it feels that God is working and present and near does not change the truth: He is.

It's be a challenging year, but I am so grateful for it. God is using it, not only to change me more in His image, but - in a way I cannot understand - God is using my life for His glory. That's exciting.

What has God been teaching you this past year? Will you choose to trust in His eternal sovereignty, or in your own temporary impressions?


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